News from KotlinTest

News from KotlinTest


In the last weeks KotlinTest got some new and useful features:

Testing for Exceptions

val exception = shouldThrow<IllegalAccessException> {
  // code in here that you expect to throw an IllegalAccessException
exception.message should start with "Something went wrong"

Before and after each

override fun beforeEach() {
  println("Test starting")

override fun afterEach() {
  println("Test completed")

Test configuration

Each test case can followed by a call to the config function.

To execute a test two times with two threads you would write:

class MyTests : ShouldSpec() {
  init {

    should("return the length of the string") {
      "sammy".length shouldBe 5
      "".length shouldBe 0
    }.config(invocations = 10, threads = 2)


You can tag tests to be able run them selectively:

}.config(tags = listOf("database", "linux"))

Timeouts are configured like this:

}.config(timeout = 2, timeoutUnit = TimeUnit.SECONDS)

To ignore a test, you set ignored to true:

}.config(ignored = true)


Some more features like property based (and table driven) testing are on the roadmap.