Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP

Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP

Pavel Talanov

We're starting Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP.

What's new

1.0.3 brings some minor changes to compiler and lots of improvements to IntelliJ plugin:

  • Improved completion, refactorings, Maven support, formatter and Spring support
  • Language injection support
  • New intentions, inspections and quickfixes
  • Lots of bugfixes

See full changelog

How to get EAP build

To use this build from Gradle or Maven, add https://dl.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlin-eap to your repositories. To use the new version of the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, configure Early Access Preview channel in Tools | Kotlin | Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates and press "Check for updates now".

Build number is 1.0.3-eap-30

Please do provide feedback and report any issues to our issue tracker (please specify your plugin version and IDE version)